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You have to have an email system

It will almost never work to place Pay Per Click ads to a landing page where you sell something. Unless you are really world class and pick your market and product, that's not going to be profitable.

What works is setting up a lead magnet, that is something everyone wants that you either give away in exchange for their email address and permission to email them, or you sell it for a nominal amount.

Obviously the lead magnet, the thing you give away, is desired by the sort of people you want to sell to, it identifies them as having a need that you can satisfy.

So then once you have their email address, you can introduce yourself and gradually work through your offers and upsells so that after, say a year, you've made .. well the rule of thumb figure is $1 per person per month.

Ad -> lead magnet -> email system.

If you get really good at it and you have a responsive list, people will approach you with offers to your list and to "split the proceeds".


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