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Create a blog

It sounds like old advice, and many of us may have started a blog and let it lapse, but the obvious is still true.

A blog is one outlet for your content marketing, and as we've discussed before, every piece of content needs to be useful or entertaining.

With a blog, you get to slice up your customers' issues and have an explore. So if you work in an optician helping customers choose new glasses, you can write about how to choose glasses according to your face shape, or your skin tone, or your hairstyle. How to do eye make-up differently if you wear glasses. And if you listen to your customers' reasons for coming in, yes they may need glasses because their prescription has changed, or because the dog ate the previous pair, or because they left them on a train. So write a blog about how not to lose your glasses http://www.paganandmcquade.com/thewayweseeit/2016/7/25/10-ways-not-to-lose-your-glasses and maybe you can talk to a dog trainer if that's a common issue and get them to write a guest blog.

So now, the real life queries people enter into Google, the ones that are relevant to your market, you can handle in a blog. On your main website, that's probably too much detail especially if your website is optimised for sales.

Probably one can say that your website is a little more focussed on you, but a blog is definitely about the customer, their life problems and how you can solve them.

The other test of a good blog is that people want to subscribe to it and read it. A harsh application of the inform or entertain rule is the true test here. When I used to read The Observer on a Sunday, I looked forward to Tim Dowling's column https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/series/timdowlingsweekendcolumn because most of the time it was gently amusing.

The way to get people to subscribe and want to read what you write is to really get deep into who you are writing to and what shared values you stand for, both subjects of Tweaks passim. But basically, write what your people want to read.

Of course, if writing's not your thing, scout around your company and see if someone wants to take it on. Give them the time to. If not, you can always employ me. Otherwise, you can vlog if you prefer, or do a podcast. The rules still apply.

So this tweak is "create a blog" if you haven't already, or revive the one you have otherwise. The rest is detail

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