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Look for problems

It may be true everywhere, but in Scarborough it's well known and commonplace that you can't get a plumber or builder to give you a quote.

You'd think the free market would bring us more plumbers but it doesn't seem to. I guess that's how Pimlico Plumbers happened.

So there's an opportunity. Build a plumbing business based on responsiveness and division of labour: the plumbers plumb, you organise the diary, handle the marketing, print the quotes and so on.

There's a business opportunity in solving problems. Find problems and solve them. That's pretty much the definition of marketing.

So in your business, don't shy away from customer complaints. Don't push them back, obfuscate, be awkward, tire them out. Listen, accept and fix so it never happens again.

I like https://getfivestars.com so much I'm going to be a reseller. It gives you your Net Promoter Score, which is a number you can compare this month to last or this year to last, which scores your customers' satisfaction. It provides the reasons for that.

Use those reasons! I've one client where the feedback said "great service, but the carpet needs repairing". Guess what needs doing! Tom Peters said "I'll never fly an airline where there are coffee cup stains on the seat-back tray, because if they are not on top of those, the whole plane isn't maintained." Raggedy carpet means there isn't enough money around to upkeep training or equipment.

The 'great' reasons can filter into your marketing "people love our service".

GetFiveStars also gets you five star reviews, of course.

Get it done by: http://www.surgemarketing.co.uk
For: getFiveStars starts from $39.95


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