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Is eco-marketing dead?

No. The effects of climate change are only going to get worse, the problem we have is that people feel disempowered. How much change is switching off that light, and re-using my carrier bags really going to make to the fact that arctic ice will be gone in three years (Economist).

It's tied to trust issues, too. We no longer trust experts like we did. We've created a self-centred generation.

Companies and marketing departments are partly to blame: in The Six Sins of Greenwashing https://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2007/11/17/six-sins-greenwashing Joel Makower finds the vast majority of environmental claims made by marketing and sales departments (in the US) are deceptive.

The antidote, and a way to stand out, is to empower someone as the technical eco lead for each product or service you develop. They are in charge of the official eco scorecard for the product and are the source of true data for marketing. Their approval is required for all public eco claims before they go out.

Being eco-friendly is still a way to differentiate. Do you really stand for your market? Because taking care of the planet they live on and their children will inherit is one way of showing it.

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For: .. this is a branding issue. How does environmentalism tie in with your other values and how does that flow into your message and marketing methods?


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