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That's their job!

In her book Wilful Blindness (http://amzn.to/2nXjeaf), Margaret Heffernan outlines how we conspire with ourselves to ignore the obvious. It's a political, societal book, but it applies in a big way to us marketers and business people too.

It's about how we simplify our lives and put others' into black boxes.

Years ago I worked as part of a marketing team, but we weren't really a team. The web guy did the website, and begrudgingly made changes I wanted for social media. The graphics guy wouldn't make graphics for social media and didn't provide guidelines. The PR guy didn't write social media versions of his articles. None of this was worked on by the manager and we never had the opportunity, and I never spotted any will, to discuss this. There was a marketing plan, but we were never asked to contribute to it and never saw it.

The point is, once you get someone to pack and post, you can forget about it. Once you get a book-keeper, you can forget about it. And so it goes until you are silo'd.

But every business decision is a marketing decision, and true marketing engages with the reality of a customer's experience.

I mean, cripes, do you remember Next Directory from maybe twenty years ago. Nothing in stock. Everything arriving in separate parcels so you place an order and get woken up early the next four days. It was impossible, and went on for years. How did that carry on for so long? And here I am still using it as an example of bad practice.

Every time I outsource, I always ask for improvement suggestions.

So go talk to someone today. Find out the hassles, the opportunities. Make sure you are plugged in to the complaints department. Secret shop. Do usability testing on your website.

Get it done by: http://usertestmy.website/
For: £99 per website usability test, includes real users and a report. You'll wonder how you ever lived without usability testing.


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