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Experience marketing is today's buzz, why not start by answering your damn Twitter questions?

The latest Digital Trends Report 2017 is all about experience marketing. Apparently 11 out of 14 consumers prefer to learn about new products and services by experiencing them personally or hearing about them from an acquaintance.

Great for the very best marketers, but I don't think we've covered the basics yet.

You tweet a company and they don't reply.

You contact a service desk and they don't read your question.

You call and have to listen to 8 options, none of which are what you want.

You complain and the company gets defensive.

We are here to serve.

I have a bee in my bonnet about ego. Someone complains and yes, it hurts. Yes you did the best you could. And yes, sometimes the customer is wrong.

But those who interact with us are awesome people and there's gold in what they say.

Capture it. Analyse it. Pore over it for ways to improve.

Usability is so very powerful: make doing business with you easy.

And if your ego needs a stretch take it out on a sport.

So today's tip is: capture what your complainants and engagers say, truly listen, follow the complaints to the real root cause and solve the problem there, and you'll find lots of other problems fall away.

Not irritating your customers is powerful marketing and saves money too. Even EasyJet's doing it.


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