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Don't offer, go evergreen with split testing

75% of professional marketers don't split test the major components of their sales funnel.

OK. Back up. What?

Your sales funnel is the route someone takes from not having heard of you to customer and onwards to regular customer and advocate.

A split test is where you run two versions of something (an ad, say) and see which one performs the best.

Things to test include headline, offer, price, imagery, and copy at the different stages: your ad, your landing page, your upsell.

By following good practice, you can really ramp up your sales with split testing.

So why don't marketers do it?

All of us are under pressure to get things done, and setting up a split test gets in the way of that. Maybe we could split test one team member who just creates the ad for the boss and shouts "done" after 20 minutes versus another team member who isn't done until an hour because they are setting up the ad twice plus the code for the split test, and see which one gets promotion. For definite, the split test person would get the better figures, but would they get the promotion?

The other reason is that we are strapped to an ever faster news cycle and that favours time-limited offers. In other words, the first thing we think of when we want more sales is to put together a special offer.

We should be creating evergreen sales systems.

And in that context, split testing makes more sense to everyone. We are building something that will continue to bring in sales day and night forever, and that should be optimised.

So today's tweak is: start work on an evergreen sales system that you have optimised with split testing.

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