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Introduce urgency

Not everything has a deadline, but often it helps to add urgency to your copywriting.

"Last three days of our lowest price sale!"

You want people to take action, right? When?

You don't have to create a fictitious closing date, you can just say 'now' or 'today'. "Try our new ice cream flavour today!"

If I'm writing to promote one of my gigs, I sometimes schedule a tweet for half an hour before we start, or even just after we started and I'll say something like:

"Switch the telly off, stand up, grab your coat and come party with us .. "

Those specifics, and their clear intention to be acted out now, seem powerful (I've no idea whether those tweets actually work, of course).

The thing is to keep your feet on the ground and not use urgency all the time. It can turn some people off, it can be wearing and trite, might even be damaging to your credibility. I've a sneaky feeling urgency appeals to some personality types and not others, so let's sort this out 'live on the show', here goes:

The DISC personality types:

The percentages:

OK, that makes sense. If 69% of people are 'S', fun loving risk takers, they actually want to be bounced into doing something exciting. The 3% of Dominants want to act quickly anyway, the 11% of 'I' people-oriented people will want a special deal too, well that's 83% of your market will be motivated by urgency.

However 17% of your market really don't like urgency. They want to consider their options. Urgency shuts them down. So they need a get-out.

You could even get clever and provide, say, a comparison table on your website. Anyone who spends more than a few seconds there, or anyone who comes back to it a few times, or interacts strongly with it, don't even let them know about your flash sale because it stresses them out. Write to them with informative articles explaining how to make a good decision and comparing features. (We can do all that with AutoPilot.)

Another approach would be to use urgency 4 out of 5 times. But 1 in 5 times promote with features and expertise.

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